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Benefits of drinking water from a Copper Jug.

According to the ancient practices of Ayurveda, drinking water from a copper jug or glass has extreme health benefits to us. It’s also known as “Tamara Jal”. Tamara means, “Copper” and Jal means “Water”. Always remembering to drink alkaline liquids in your body, this copper infused water assists with balancing all the 3-dosha types- Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

I remember my grandmother storing water in a big copper container and everyone drank water from there, first thing in the morning. Drinking water at room temperature is extremely important to keep the digestive fire “Agni” going. Hence, try and avoid taking in ice cold during anytime of the day.

Small traces of this trace mineral when kept overnight in a jug for over 8-10 hours has the following benefits:

  1. Copper helps to regulate blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol and helps to maintain a good cardiovascular health.
  2. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are effective to fight against E.coli and S.aureus that are known to cause diarrhoea or other infection. 
  3. It also helps with assisting the thyroid gland to function properly. One of the reasons for thyroid disorder is, low levels of copper in the body.
  4. It’s anti-inflammatory properties assists in reducing the symptoms of arthritis such as aches and pains in the joints due to inflammation.
  5. It helps in boosting immunity, conducting spiritual energy, and reducing overall inflammation in the body.
  6. Copper is an antioxidant that can improve the condition of your skin. It safeguards the cells from free radicals and helps your skin and joints to produce collagen and elastin. This helps to prevent premature aging and promote skin elasticity.
  7. Adding copper to your diet can help you lose weight. Copper helps fine-tune your digestive system, break down fats, and helps you to eliminate more efficiently.

Next time to drink a glass of water- Water has energy and memory as well. Bless your cup and drink from a copper jug and enjoy the sweetness of the taste.

Stay happy and healthy always.

Namaste Life