Who am I?

Meet the founder

Akanksha Choksey

I began my career in 2005 in Canada's financial Hub - Toronto! Over the years, I climbed the corporate ladder and transitioned into several roles which ultimately led me in to a role within Project Management in a Consulting firm. I had hoped by changing positions, I would be able to fill the void that I felt with my work. I initially attributed the “void” to needing a more challenging role and quickly realized the emptiness stayed regardless of the position I held. On a quest to fulfil my never-ending need for something more, I decided to quit my career altogether and refocus.

At this stage in my life, I had recently given birth to my son in 2013 and was a full-time mother. I felt completely fulfilled with my son but was still trying to understand the “void” when reflecting about work. At this time, I found myself drawn towards life's basic questions - Who Am I? What my life's purpose is? This is when I decided to attend Deepak Chopra's retreat called "Seduction of Spirit”. I used to practice yoga and meditation occasionally but during this retreat, I was re-introduced to Yoga and Meditation for an extended period of time. This experience was life changing and it transformed my perception of reality.

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Let’s help make this world a better place filled with joy, happiness, love, laughter, freedom and equality. Only if we as individuals raise our consciousness it can lead to a collective awakening.

My Spiritual Journey

In 2019, I had a strong yearning to attend the “Inner Engineering Program offered by Isha Foundation (Sadhguru) and being initiated into the spiritual process by his grace was also a turning point in my life. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a Yogi, a mystic, a spiritual leader and an author. He founded Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization who’s mission is to truly be able to provide an entire technology for inner wellbeing to help people realize their true potential.

Since then, my spiritual journey has been unfolding every day. I started volunteering and doing some deep karmic and elemental cleansing practices for my emotional, etheric and energetic body. I realized my purpose in this life is to show up by helping others. I truly believe, when the goal of others well-being becomes more important than our own individual wellbeing, that’s true realization of unity consciousness. As Sadhguru says and I quote ” “how deep you touch another life is how rich your life is”.

I have changed the course of my entire life and am no longer searching for a “void’. I strongly believe that “We are the creators of our own Reality”. I want to help guide people in creating their own reality where the mind, body and soul are in harmony and aligned. In the end I realized the “void” I was feeling is not for anything external. It is to know the ultimate truth and for liberation as every human being has a longing for “Mukti” or Freedom.

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Personal Believes

What do I believe in and what am I here to embody and share?

Helping people get InTouch with who they truly are and helping them realize they have the power to heal their own mind and body through Ancient wisdoms of Yoga and Ayurveda.

I am consciousness who is expressing through this human form and who believes in freedom, equality and love

I believe in freedom

Freedom of making your own choices. All beings are looking to shed their own limitations that they have set within themselves within the own frame work of their own minds. Once we experience something beyond this physical then we realize what true freedom really is.

I believe in love and devotion

Always invoking and cultivating a positive outlook towards life and being extremely grateful irrespective of the situation. When our hearts are filled with devotion we look at all life as though they were our own. I believe in Unity Consciousness where Love is the highest quality that could exist.

I believe in raising conscious children

Parenting that stems from a space in our heart where we treat a new life with utmost respect and devotion. My belief is just as we are here to help and guide our children, they too are here to help us evolve as adults. They hold a mirror to our inner most truth irrespective of good or bad. If we recognize this, we can then start to work on ourselves and emerge as better versions ourselves. 

I believe in Natural Holistic ancient healing

I believe in the ancient yogic philosophy’s that includes yoga and meditation as an important part of our lives. I believe in the principles of Ayurveda that involves-lifestyle/diet, herbal plant based remedies and supplements to help heal our physical body. That is not to say I do not believe in western medicine. I most certainly do however, I believe in harmony and balance that ancient modalities bring which in combination with western medicine propels us towards a healthy conscious living

I believe in equality

Where there is no rich or poor, no difference based on gender religion and caste. I believe every life has the right to live and share this planet with equally. I believe all species is meant to co-exist together and there is a delicate balance that is required for all to be able to live their complete lives.

I believe in taking care of our Planet.

The only way we can heal is through taking care of Mother Earth. I believe in being eco-friendly by cutting down on plastic waste and toxic chemicals. I believe in looking for alternative natural organic ways for a sustainable living.

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